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What is BeSport ?

The correct question is, "Who is BeSport and what do we do?"

In actuality, BeSport is a Swiss holding company run by a small team.

This corporation owns brands and businesses in the sports sector, including nutrition, health, technology, apparel, and equipment.

Let us go on a presentation tour :

BeNN - Natural Nutrition

Our story begins in France in 2016, when the company's primary shareholder decided to develop its own dietary supplements.


He wanted to feed his body better at the start of the story. He was startled by how difficult it was to find decent product after learning so much about nutrition, metabolism, the power of plants, the hazards of chemical products such as coloring, sweatners, and so on.


The adventure has begun here. He visited several French laboratories in search of someone who could grasp his requirements.


BeNN (Be Natural Nutrition) was established. The brand was introduced to a very specialized market: Functional Fitness or CrossTraining. And to launch BeNN, he has planned a sporting event called The BeNN Battle.

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Hustle Up - mobile app

After entering this new niche in the sports market, we quickly discovered a plethora of unmet needs. Many aspects in the athlete's life, other than the specialized nutrition channel, were not as ergonomic as they may be.


We decided to build a digital platform with the goal of solving as many problems as possible.


We began by establishing a firm in Morocco. A friendly country with pleasant weather, a profusion of developers, and low labor costs.


However, the project was too large to be managed in a foreign country.


We returned to France and Switzerland to hire the best developers and restart the project from the scratch.


Two years later, the public version was released. Users can utilize the smartphone app to connect athletes and coaches. They can direct chat, follow programming, workout, track performance, store personal records, be paid by clients, and use tools like timers and calendars, among other things.

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Wodabox - e-Commerce

Wodabox is our first business purchase. The company has been established in 2014. BeSport entered as shareholder early 2020, just before pandemic. The timing was perfect.

During the first lockdown, the sports equipment and e-commerce stores have blow up.

And Wodabox is exaclty an e-Commerce store that sales sport equipment.

But a suddent growth costs bankrupty for many businesses. This is why the timing for our introduction was good. 

We successfuly carry and support Wodabox to handle the growth.

The main task for BeSport than was to set good process for communication, marketing and obviously logistic and managment.

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NorthernSpirit - Apparel

BeSport's second purchase was the Swedish brand NorthernSpirit.

NorthernSpirit was founded in 2012 and grew gradually till 2018. The brand was well-known and well-liked in 2018. But then the company made poor decisions that led to its bankruptcy.

BeSport acquire the whole intellectual property portfolio.
Our holding rebuilt the brand with a completely new concept: ethic, environment, and high technology, which implies European-only design, fabric, and conception.

NorthernSpirit was chosen as the Title Partner of Europe's largest CrossTraining Competition, The French Throwdown NorthernSpirit.

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Fame on you !

Fame is our most recent creation. A website that sells a variety of brands in sports, fitness, hype clothes, and sneakers.

We dubbed the brand Fame to appeal to younger, more connected, stylish, and fashionable clientele.

You know the famous Shame on you. We want to put Fame on you and placed this trick in our domain name for fun !

We can't wait to launch this new brand!

Entering to the Fame house