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Hello and welcome for this 3rd edition of the BeNN Battle!

This year, we decided to really test your fitness, and take you to face the nature, in its most hostile form, on the continent where the roots of humanity are buried.

Indeed, it is on the African continent that the oldest traces of the human being have been found. It is therefore under the Moroccan sun, that the best athletes will come face to face.


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Why Marrakech?

Why Marrakech? To make the competition more accessible. Hard to believe ? Please note that accommodation may cost less than ‚ā¨ 20 per person per night. You still do not believe us? Go to Booking, AirBnB or Trivago and see for yourself. You can move around the city without a car, thanks to taxis for less than ‚ā¨ 3. You can eat at delicious local restaurants for less than 6 ‚ā¨. And all this, in a fascinating setting, between palm tree and pool, through the magic of Eastern culture. (ask for your passports now)

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What’s new?:

Unique to this edition, we offer you the opportunity to face opponents that you are not used to in competition ... A category All H / All F. ‚ÄúScaled‚ÄĚ youth full of energy face the experienced ‚ÄúMasters‚ÄĚ ... In this new category, everyone can register between 18 and 110 years of age. It will be an opportunity to show who are the strongest of the generations!


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Elite M/F

All +18 M/F

Team (without qualification):

1M / 1F (+18)


25/06: opening of individual registrations

from 25/06 to 30/06 : inscription at 25‚ā¨

from the 30/06 : inscription at 29‚ā¨

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BeNN affiliates and qualification:

ATTENTION, all members of BeNN Affiliated Boxes can register at 19 ‚ā¨. More info from your Owner.

01/07: start of qualifications, on WODs signed Willy Georges

25/08: end of registration

28/08: deadline to enter your scores

02/09: end of of team registration

The members of the BeNN affiliated Boxes can be judged by their Box, and do not need to send their video to validate their score. For all other athletes, the sending of the video is mandatory as in the classic competitions.


Dates of the competitions:

14/11 - 15/11 - 16/11:

Competition from Thursday November 14th to Saturday November 16th.

As tradition dictates, the last night of a competition is synonymous with celebration. That's why we decided to make the final on Saturday, so you can celebrate the end of the event as it should be on Saturday night. Also, you can leave with peace of mind at the airport on Sunday, for those who do not stay the following week ... ;-)

The competition will take place in Marrakech, on two very different sites. Both will provide wonderful rest and relaxation areas for athletes.


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Aeroport and taxis:

There is only one airport in Marrakech, so no mistake possible. It accomodates hundreds of taxis 24 hours a day. You just have to give the address to a driver and it takes you to your desired location for less than 100Dh (10 ‚ā¨) for trips from, or to the airport. For travel in the city, the price will vary between 10Dh and 30Dh (between 1 ‚ā¨ and 3 ‚ā¨)


The local currency is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD or Dh). ‚ā¨ 1.00 equals approximately 10Dh. Euros are almost never accepted. You can change your euros before leaving, arriving at the airport, or in town in most places.

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Where to stay:

The question everyone is starting to ask: where will the competition take place to find the nearest accommodation?

There will be several venues, and the main venue does not have a lot of neighboring accommodations.

However, Marrakech is a very touristic city, there is a lot of accommodations, and many taxis to move you around.

We advise you to take accommodation in the center of Marrakesh, to be well served, while being less than 10 minutes by taxi from the main venue.

The recommended neighbourhood names are Guéliz, Hivernage (more expensive) or around Menara Mall. The Medina is strongly discouraged for reasons of mobility and access difficulties. (Despite being in the center of Marrakech, these small streets are the famous Souk, or Bazaar, and it is very easy to get lost).

Competition venues:

The first place to be unveiled is Oasiria. Oasiria is the first water park in Morocco. In November, the park is normally closed. It will be opened just for you !!

The competition zone will take place in an old Falconry (training of hawks)

For athletes, a huge pool with green surroundings will be available for your recovery!


For information, our CrossFit partner box CrossFit Sirocco is located on the street called Yugoslavia in Gueliz in Marrakech. Another good reason to find accommodation in Guéliz...

See you soon for the revelation of the second competition venue...